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About John A. Vardallas

We created this web site for several reasons. First and foremost is to help organizations, business leaders, workers, and consumers enhance their potential and prosper in the world of tomorrow. The second was to provide the generation of Americans (Baby Boomers) born between 1945-1965, with information and resources to help us live more fulfilling lives. After all we represent almost 80 million Americans who are probably the most talked about and studied generation in our great country's history.

We are the generation that rebelled against the "establishment" during the turbulent 60's. Today we "Are" the establishment as we enter the threshold of the 21st century.
We were the generation that tuned in, tuned out, thought green, protested and did Vietnam. We went with our hearts and values versus doctrine and norm, engaged in social causes and stayed patriotic while protesting social intolerance and political injustice.

Along the way we became loyal to self, family and our networks. We developed an entrepreneurial spirit and are leading the wave of the business world. We are better educated than our parents and for the most part, are embracing diversity and practicing tolerance probably more than previous generations. Culturally, we also seem to long for nostalgic reminders of the past lifestyle we grew up in. Many social scientists think we may be the last generation that had it better than our parents.

Each month TheAmericanBoomeR will be commenting on contemporary business and lifestyle topics and issues that affect us and may help inspire you to work and live better. Topics such as business trends, the workplace, education, politics, healthy living, travel, spirituality, cultural and lifestyle issues will be highlighted.

In addition, there will be a method for you to feedback to us in a BoomeR Talk Back or "Dear John" format. You can give us your thoughts and comments on BoomeR Poll Questions and issues as well as share your general opinions on the state of Americana. We also will keep you linked to resources, products and services that can help your business stay productive and add value to you in your quest for living better.
We want you to feel that you are part of a virtual community of American who share a common quest to live more enriched lives, make a difference and leave a positive legacy for the next generation of Americans.

TheAmericanBoomeR is based in the great city of Madison, Wisconsin, one of the most livable quality of life cities in the USA. Being in the "Heartland of America"(Packer & Badger Country) will give us a 180 degree look at the trends and developments that are shaping our American Business, Social and Cultural Landscapes.

So this is our Mission to fellow boomers and the organizations you represent. We hope you take time to become a regular ".com hitter" to
T-A-B. I would like you to think of this web site as a networking portal for you to connect with ideas and resources that will enhance your lifestyle and your organizations success.

My signature sign off phrase to you will always be
Act Wise, Live Your Passion, Add Value For Others and
Enjoy Life!    
Welcome to TheAmericanBoomeR and Happy Surfing!

In Memoriam 1993-2010
Mikki My Husky Boomer Bowser

About John A. Vardallas

Personal Mission: To help people and organizations reach their potential.

As Founder/CEO of TheAmericanBoomeR he leads a Speaking/Consulting and Internet Enterprise that reflect his passion in being dedicated to enhancing the success and quality of work and lifestyles of leaders, their organizations and consumers. Born a second generation Greek American in Chicago, Illinois, he has worked and traveled in over 50 countries around the world. An international trend watcher and provocateur he helps industry leaders synthesize trends into strategic organizational directions, improve business growth and workplace productivity. He has over 25 years of professional management and leadership development experiences working with leaders in healthcare, retail, hospitality, financial services, association industries and consumer groups. He is a program consultant and speaker to national and international organizations and trade associations. John conducts professional and personal development programs for executives, employees, volunteer, and consumer group leaders.
He is a host and featured speaker on global educational conference cruises and has also appeared on business and lifestyle, radio and cable TV programs. He is the author of a recently published book "Leadership Thoughts for Prospering in the 21st Century" and numerous business and trade articles.
He is a graduate of the University of Alabama and holds a Certified Association Executive (CAE) Designation.

Through TheAmericanBoomeR he hopes to make a difference in the performance of business, enhance the quality of consumers lifestyles and the legacy of his generation of Americans.


Corporate Johnny V.


Consultant Johnny V.


What they are saying about Johnny V…..

-- "Your speaking technique is both educational and entertaining. You exceeded our members expectations."

Katie Sue Hargraves, Program Director, Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce

- "Your high quality and timely presentation was very well received by our members."

John Eckes, VP Member Services, Maryland Credit Union League

-- "I don't think we have seen such high scores for a speaker at one of our conferences in a very long time! I'am confident your presentations made a positive impact on the program participants."

Dennis Tanimoto , President, Hawaii Credit Union League

- "Your facilitation received rave reviews, word has it, it was the best ever. Thanks for your tremendous help!"

Diane Boss, Marketing Support Manager, Liberty FiTech Systems Inc

--"Great information, handouts and passion. Very informative and used questions and comments to our advantage and gave great suggestions for action."

Participant, Southeast Directors Conference

-- Thanks for a great presentation. Your session rated excellent."

Kathy Raab, Executive Director, Meeting Planners International of Wisconsin

-- "Thanks for helping us plan our future."

Luther Smith, CAE Executive Director, International Crop Advisors

-- "Your sessions were the highest rated and you played a key role in making our convention a success!"

Ann Jones, Director of Education, Michigan Credit Union League

--"John, great session. Cruising and learning from you has been a pleasure".

Caribbean Edu-Cruise participant

-"It was a pleasure to have you with us. Your World Class Service Program was well received by our staff".

Jane Ryan, Manager, Recruitment/Benefits, Visions Federal Credit Union

- "John, your speaking was very inspiring and informative to our program participants. We look forward to having you back again."Tony Robinson, CEO Masterful Events

-"Thank you for your flexibility and your bravery. The overall Forum program was rated excellent."

Lorraine Faulds, Coordinator, Labor Market Information Institute

--"We were able to build upon your session and formulate plans for the future of the credit union. You were entertaining as well as very well focused on getting a productive session accomplished".

William Jacobs, CEO White Sands Federal Credit Union

--"I would recommend John to any organization in need of an extremely competent facilitator. He has the where-with-all to extract whatever is necessary to accomplish your goals. I've had the good fortune to attend four different meetings with him over the past eight years and have never been disappointed".

Russell A. Fortini, Director/Treasurer, Allegius Credit Union

-- "John, as usual I can always count on you to deliver! Can't deny you know your stuff! Your evaluations scores and comments were over the top! I always enjoy working with you and appreciate that you are such a low maintenance speaker".

Cookie Dorsey, Director, Training/Events, Texas Credit Union League

"John received excellent reviews across the board, exceeded all expectations, and made my job very easy! The information he presented was humorous, concise, thought-provoking, insightful and educational. Johns skill and talent as a professional speaker is evident. Looking forward to working with John in the future."   
Paul Johnson, Director of Professional Development
Iowa Credit Union League




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