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Read our Boomer Guide to Healthy Eating for Free Here

-- Need help Downsizing/Getting Organized? Check out

-- Want to know the Facts About Alzheimers Disease? Go 2

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Want to learn how to maximize your Social Security Benefits?
Check out

Plan a Boomer Educational or "Edu- Cruise" for your group. Contact Captain Tony


Need to check on drug warnings? Visit...

Helping professional Women Thrive while caring for aging parents. Contact Kathleen Cleary, Caregiver, Mentor, Speaker

Health Medicare Supplement, Long-Term Care, Life and Annuities Plus: Individual Health Care & Multiple Coverages. Contact Jack Zimmermann, Agent, direct at

Fitness Information for Baby Boomers check out this web site.

Concerts and Festivals

Need help travelling in finding the right directions? MapQuest can help.

Be a volunteer mentor to a needy child.

Need some tips on lowering the chaos of travelling with kids, check out Smarter Living.

Need a site to inspire weight loss ... check out

Helpful tips for Women click on this great site

Looking for good worldwide hotel deals ... try

Looking for free home remodeling estimates?

Looking for a good resource for managing your money?  Check out:

Need detailed information on the divorce process check out this site

Looking for Consumer Friendly Legal Info? Check out

Need Help on How to Deal With Your Pet(s)? Visit

Looking for a site that has everything about Kool Kars?
Check out:

Are you a single woman over 30 looking for some great travel opportunities?Check out

Check out this great site for travel information

Want to know everything you need to know to buy a car? Visit

Looking for information about your favorite '60s music groups?Try

For all of your business writing needs check out Jim Jerving, Writing & Communications LLC, at

Looking for Retirement Planning Help?

Want to help change the world in your Second Half of Life?

Want to use your funeral as a conservation tool? Check out:

Looking for ways to save money shopping? Go to:

Over 50 and looking for Work? Check out:

Looking for a unique way to save on your next Vacation?
Check out:

Looking for In-Home Care? Checkout

Need help Buying and Selling your house? See

Looking for a great new Boomer Read? Check out:

Questions about retirement benefits? Check out:

Looking for a Trusted Financial Coach--Check out:

Need some help Financing a Funeral?-- See National Guardian Life:

In home caregivers for Los Angeles Seniors and Dementia Patients

Looking for some Kool Western Art& Artifacts? Check out:

Looking for some Kool Retirement Advice? Check out:

A Guide to Downsizing for Seniors and Their Loved Ones

Elderly Care House Design for Our Old Age

Budget-Friendly Smart Home Accommodations for Seniors and Individuals with Special Needs


Nutritional Needs for Seniors

The 7 Worst Senior Exercises, and What to Do Instead

10 Dating Safety Tips for Senior Women

Healing After a Lifetime of Struggling with Addiction: The Senior's Guide to Reconnecting with Adult Children

The Elderly and Prescription Drug Misuse and Abuse

Resource Guide for Seniors

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