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Seminar Topics / Keynote Presentations

Presented by

John A. Vardallas

Topic #1 -- "60 Is The New 40": A Boomers Guide For Acheiving The American Dream
Topic #2 -- Competencies for Effective 21st Century Leadership (CEO's/Boards)

Topic #3 -- Y2020: Your Organizations Odyssey into the Business Landscape of the Future

Topic #4 -- 7x24x365: Becoming A World Class Consumer Service Organization
Topic #5 -- Reinventing Yourself in the New Economy: A Career Survival Imperative

Topic #6 -- Change Happens! Learn How to Get Over and Embrace It

Topic #7 -- Inspiring Today s Multi-Gen Workforce for More Productivity

Topic #8 -- Greatness-Not Just Goodness Needed for New Age Leadership

Topic #9 -- Work-Tirement: Strategies for Preparing for the new BoomeR Golden Years

   An Outside-In Approach to Organizational Strategic Planning

   Building A Productive "Dream Team" in Your Workplace

   Business Growth Strategies

"Be The Change You Seek in Others"-- Gandhi

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