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Not the Time to Play Chicken :  Strategies for Better Living in 2017

By John A. Vardallas CUDE

According to the Chinese Calendar 2017 is the Year of the Red Chicken. The chicken symbolizes jewelry, gems, fruit, prosperity and comfort. So not playing chicken with your life will be a harbinger as we head into the New Year.

With 2017 being the start of a new political administration for America there will be a good deal of uncertainty for many of us. Overall many aspects of the current American landscape have caused us boomers to shift and use more common sense basics in dealing with our lifestyle. Our health and financial situations will continue to be priorities for us as we continue to be age disruptors. Many of us will still continue to work out of need as well as engagement. However the times we are facing can be considered critical for our future because time now becomes our most precious commodity and how we spend it will be crucial.

There is mixed good news these days. The stock market is at an all time high and life spans are expanding. However many of us Americans are unemployed or have dropped out of the workforce, there is stagnant or declining household income, taxes are going up and the impact of the Affordable Healthcare Act is now being felt. Our insurance and health care costs are increasing.
This is the year for us to step up and respond to new changes and challenges to improve and add comfort to our lifestyle.

I would offer these dozen donut suggestions for setting a course to enhance your quality of life in the New Year: 

1) Live Within Your Means—Know the difference between Needs and Wants!

2) Work on your Bucket List and do (not just talk about) all those things you have wanted to do.

3) Maintain a Sense of Purpose for your life and keep yourself learning.

4) Stay Connected with Family, Friends, and work on widening your Community Circle.

5) Be Optimistic and Curious of the World. Surround yourself with Positive Like Minded People.

6) Stay Physically Active and Mentally Stimulated. Remember- Motion is Lotion!

7) Maintain A Sense of Spirituality.

8) Eat and Drink a well balance diet. Check out the Benefits of Mediterranean Cuisine.

9) Do something for others. Volunteer locally and increase the giving of yourself.
10) Avoid anything extreme—keep yourself balanced. My Greek Golden Mean Rule Rocks Here: Nothing In Excess!

11) Learn to be flexible and adapt to life s changes- learn to let go of old rigidities.

12) And finally-- Do Things that Make You Happy!

If we are to thrive and enjoy the future, we will have to develop a different optimistic mind set about living. We should work to fine tune, and focus on our commitment to enhancing our lives as well as the lives of others and not play chicken with our future and--Age with Grace.
Happy New Year!

John A. Vardallas Founder/CEO  


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